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Tips & Advice

Why do I have to take a photo of each part?
This is to ensure that we can see and relate to the part and to ensure we receive all parts that relate to your quote, plus this way we can provide a more accurate quote.

Why do I have to send my upholstery with a tracking number?
This is proof that your parts arrived at our facility.

Who do I use to ship my upholstery?
This all depends on where you reside. USPS and UPS, along with other carriers, all offer tracking services, so choose the one that is most cost-effective to you.

Do I pay for return shipping of my new upholstery?
Yes. It will be added to your invoice as soon as the work is complete, packed and ready to ship.

What if I receive a part that does not fit?
If you receive a part that is damaged or does not fit properly, contact us immediately. You have 10 days after you receive your new upholstery to report a problem.

Can Copycat Upholstery send fabric samples?
Yes. View the fabric samples on our website. We have too many to post but offer 100s of colors. On request, a sample card can be mailed to you.

Does Copycat Upholstery have a minimum order?
No, we’ll gladly make you anything you require from a single seat cushion to upholstering your entire boat and everything else in between!

Do I only give Copycat Upholstery the make and model of my boat?
Unfortunately not! Our experience has shown that there are many variations between apparently identical models. Hence, we always work to the sizes you have in your particular boat. Our online quote system is quick and simple to use.

How do I obtain a boat upholstery repair quote?
Simply click on the "Get a Quote" link and be sure to complete the entire form, including how many parts (cushions and backrests are counted as separate parts), each part's name, the length and width across the face of each part, and, most important of all, upload a picture of each part to the link in the part window. Each part window has its own link.

Does Copycat Upholstery offer a "While I Wait" service?
No. We believe that doing a job to the highest standard takes time. You can either leave items with us or send them through the mail. We'll return them to you when the job is complete. We can deliver anywhere in the world.

What types of marine fabrics can I choose from?
We have more than 100 quality marine vinyl variations that include UV- and mold-resistant barriers.

I can't visit Tavares, Florida. How can I place an order?
As the world's only mail order, custom boat upholstery repair company, all you have to do is give Copycat Upholstery a call at 888-599-9366 or submit an online quote.

Can Copycat Upholstery offer fabrics to match the originals?
Unfortunately, most original fabrics are often discontinued by the manufacturers shortly after being made. However, with more than 100 ongoing fabrics available, we are usually able to offer alternative fabrics that are comparable to the manufacturer.

How long will it take to complete my order?
This will depend on what work you would like done and how many other orders are in at the time. However, talk to us and we will advise if we can meet any deadline you may have.

How do I remove the upholstery skin from the structure?
We recommend that you use a long flathead screwdriver and pry the staples out without damaging the fabric. However, for faster removal, use a blade and cut as close to the staples as possible. Then you can prepare your parts while your upholstery skins are being shipped to us. Please note that we always add 2 inches to the stapled area.

Can you provide me help on how to remove my parts?
Yes. Should you run into a problem when removing a part, simply let us know, and we will provide you with our best knowledge on how to remove that part.

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